Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions ("Terms") outline the agreement between [My Travel Tunes], a company providing employee cab services, and the individual customers utilizing the cab services for transportation to and from their workplace. By booking and using our cab services, Customers agree to abide by these Terms.

Shared Cab Experience: The Company offers a shared cab service that provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly commuting solution for Employees. By sharing the cab with fellow colleagues, Customers contribute to reduced traffic congestion and a greener environment.

Pickup and Drop-off: Customers will be picked up from their homes and dropped off at the office and vice versa.

The cab service is limited to fixed or agreed-upon locations, specifically between the Customer's home and the office.

Partial Payment Booking: To secure a seat in the cab, Customers are required to make a partial payment at the time of booking. This initial payment confirms the reservation, allowing the Company to efficiently manage seat allocations and ensure a comfortable journey for all passengers.
Remaining Payment: The remaining payment for the cab service must be settled on the first day of utilizing the service. This arrangement streamlines the payment process and enables a hassle-free start to the journey.

Pickup Time Window: Customers must be ready and available for pickup during the specified time window. The Company endeavors to maintain an efficient schedule and expects Customers to be punctual in order to ensure the smooth operation of the cab service.
Waiting Time: The cab will wait at the Customer's pickup location for a maximum of 5 minutes. This waiting time is intended to accommodate reasonable delays such as completing last-minute preparations before departure. It is essential for Customers to be prompt, as any additional delay may affect the entire route and cause inconvenience to other passengers.
First Pickup Window: The Customer who is designated as the first pickup of the day is required to provide an additional 10-minute pickup time window. This allowance ensures that any potential initial delays are accounted for, thereby maintaining the schedule for subsequent pickups.
Scheduled Departure:Once all pickups have been completed within their respective time frames, the cab will depart for its designated route. To ensure the timely arrival of all passengers at their destinations, adherence to the scheduled departure time is crucial.

Service Days
Operating Days: The cab service operates on 26 days of the month, with exceptions made for Sundays. This schedule is designed to provide reliable transportation for Employees on workdays, contributing to enhanced efficiency and convenience in their daily commute.
Exclusion of Sundays: The cab service will not be available on Sundays. This dedicated day of rest allows both Customers and drivers to recharge and maintain the quality of service during the rest of the week.
Route Consistency: The Company commits to following a consistent route and schedule during the designated operating days. This predictability ensures that Customers can rely on the service to reliably transport them to and from their workplace.
Holiday and Special Schedules: In cases of holidays or special circumstances that affect the standard operating days, the Company will communicate any changes to the schedule well in advance. Such notifications will ensure that Customers are informed and can make alternate arrangements if necessary.
Continuous Improvement: The Company constantly evaluates the service days and routes to ensure optimal efficiency and responsiveness to Customers' needs. Feedback from Customers is appreciated and considered in refining the service to better suit their requirements

Driver Assignment
Designated Professional Drivers: The Company assigns professional drivers who are trained to provide safe and courteous transportation services. These drivers are experienced in navigating the designated routes, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey for all passengers.
Equal Treatment: The Company emphasizes equal treatment of all passengers, regardless of personal preferences. Driver assignments are based on operational considerations, ensuring fairness and consistency in service delivery.

Female Customer Safety
Enhanced Safety Measures: The Company places a high priority on the safety and well-being of female Customers. A separate cab is provided exclusively for female Customers if a minimum of 3 seats are booked. This measure is taken to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for female passengers.
Empowering Female Travel: By offering a separate cab for female Customers, the Company empowers female Employees to travel confidently and without concerns for safety. This dedicated service underscores the Company's commitment to fostering a supportive and secure commuting experience.

Payment and Refund
Advance Payment Convenience: Customers are required to make a 20% advance payment when booking a seat in the cab. This initial payment confirms the reservation and simplifies the payment process, enabling Customers to focus on their daily routine.
Booking Confirmation: Once the package is booked, the Company takes up to 15 working days to confirm the booking. If confirmation is not possible within this timeframe, the advance payment is refunded. This policy reflects the Company's dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction.
Cancellation and Refund Policy: Customers are advised to carefully consider their booking, as cancellations after confirmation are not eligible for a refund. The Company, however, commits to providing a full refund of the advance payment in the event of cancellations initiated by the Company.

External Factors: The Company recognizes that certain factors, such as traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, or road closures, may occasionally lead to delays in the cab service. While every effort is made to adhere to the schedule, Customers are advised to consider potential external factors that could impact travel time.
Personal Belongings: Customers are responsible for their personal belongings during the cab journey. The Company does not assume liability for any loss, damage, or theft of personal items while using the cab service. Passengers are encouraged to keep their belongings secure and avoid leaving valuables unattended.
Unforeseen Circumstances: In the event of unexpected circumstances that disrupt the cab service, such as mechanical issues or emergencies, the Company will make every effort to communicate promptly and address the situation. Customers are advised to exercise patience and understanding during such situations.
Safety and Conduct: The Company places a strong emphasis on passenger safety and comfort. Customers are expected to adhere to respectful behavior and treat fellow passengers and the driver with consideration. The Company reserves the right to deny service to any Customer whose behavior poses a risk or disturbance to others.

Modification of Terms
Flexibility and Adaptability: The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions as needed to enhance the quality and efficiency of the cab service. Such modifications may be made to address changing operational requirements, regulatory updates, or improvements based on customer feedback.
Notification of Changes: Customers will be promptly informed of any modifications to the Terms and Conditions. Notice of changes will be provided through appropriate communication channels, such as email notifications or updates on the Company's website.
Acceptance of Modified Terms: Continued use of the cab service following the notification of modified Terms constitutes acceptance of the changes. Customers who disagree with the modified Terms are advised to discontinue using the service and seek alternate transportation options.
Periodic Review: The Company is committed to periodically reviewing and refining the Terms and Conditions to align with evolving industry standards, best practices, and customer expectations. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the service.
Ensuring Transparency: The Company aims to maintain transparency and open communication with Customers regarding any modifications to the Terms and Conditions. Clear explanations and rationale for changes will be provided to ensure Customers are well-informed.